Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to the World of Web 2.0!

So ... what's going to happen over the next two weeks?  Amazing, astounding, incredible stuff on the web!  The term "Web 2.0" became pretty popular a few years ago, and it refers to the internet in which users create content and share information instead of simply receiving information.  In this quick summer course, you will be developing online content in a variety of different platforms, sharing ideas and creativity with others, collaborating with family and friends, creating a central repository for your interests, learning about internet safety, and hopefully using tools and skills that will help you in school!  We will have new challenges and activities every day - but the fun doesn't stop at the end of the class, since you will be able to keep developing your material.  So .... let's get going!

Image from  The University of Oklahoma, available at

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